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This is to certify that the Bylaws of the American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement, Long Island Chapter, were submitted and duly adopted by the vote of the membership and shall take effect.




SECTION 1      This organization shall be know as the American

                          Academy for Professional Law Enforcement, Long

                          Island Chapter.  The chapter is an affiliate of the

                          American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement,

                          which is a non-profit professional organization

                          incorporated in Washington , D.C. The Long Island

                          Chapter will meet with an abide by the general

                          policies of the parent organization, but reserves the

                          right to maintain independence with respect to local



 ARTICLE II                         PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES


SECTION 1           The purpose of this organization is to enhance the

                                professional standards within the criminal justice

                                system. In order to achieve this goal, the following

                                objectives are set forth:

               a.            To promote the highest level of ethics, standards,                                            

                               training, education, and performance within the

                               criminal justice system.


                b.          To provide a forum for examination of controversial

                             topics and issues with prominent speakers from the

                             local, state, and national levels.


     c.                    To provide an opportunity for members to interact

                            with other members of the criminal justice system in

                            an informal atmosphere in order to promote

                            understanding and cooperation.


     d.                    To encourage implementation of progressive

                             managerial practices.


                 e.         To disseminate noteworthy publications, articles,

                             and research to the membership.


                 f.         To educate the public concerning conditions,

                            problems and possible solutions within the criminal

                            justice system.


                 g.        To examine crucial issues and prepare and disseminate

                            our position on those issues.


                 h.        To submit proposals and recommendations to local

                            government officials for their consideration.



                                                                - 2 -





SECTION 1        Membership Qualifications


a.                         Any present or former paid full-time sworn peace

                           officer employed by a governmental criminal justice

                           agency with a baccalaureate or advanced degree may

                           apply for membership.


b.                        Any present or former judge or prosecutor may apply

                           for membership.


c.                        Any paid or full-time employee of a criminal justice

                           agency with a baccalaureate or advanced degree may

                           apply for membership.


d.                        Any present or former educator, director, or

                           coordinator of a criminal justice program in an

                           accredited institution of higher learning may apply

                           for membership.


e.                       The requirements above may be waived by the Board of

                           Directors in cases involving individuals who have made

                           a substantial personal commitment to enhance

                           professionalism in the criminal justice system.  A waiver

                           level of five percent (5%) of the total active membership

                           is established as a guideline; however, the Board of

                           Directors has the discretion to exceed that level when it

                           is beneficial to the organization.


SECTION 2    Associate Membership Qualifications


a.                   A student enrolled in an accredited institution of higher

                      learning, seeking a degree in criminal justice or a related

                      field, may apply for an associate membership.


b.                  An individual who has received a baccalaureate degree

                     in criminal justice or a related field and is seeking full-

                     time employment in the criminal justice system may

                     apply for an associate membership.


c.                 An associate member will have all rights and

                    privileges of membership except voting rights.



- 3 -



SECTION 3                          Application Approval


a.                        An application for membership or an associate

                           membership will be in writing upon the form

                           prescribed by the organization and supplied by the

                           Recording Secretary (Membership Chairman).


b.                      Submitted with all applications shall be the year’s

                         current dues, prorated quarterly.


c.                     The Membership Chairman shall present to the Board

                        of Directors all applications for membership.  The

                        Board must recommend acceptance of the application to

                        the membership by a vote of two-thirds of those



d.                 The application shall then be presented by the

                    Membership Chairman at the next open meeting and

                    must receive an acceptance vote of two-thirds of the

                    members present.


SECTION 4                      Loss of Membership


a.               The Board of Directors may, with a majority vote of

                  all members of the Board, notify a member that his

                  membership may be terminated for cause and request

                  his written response.


b.                After evaluation of the response and other factors of

                   the case a membership may be terminated by a two-

                   thirds vote of all members of the Board of Directors.


ARTICLE IV                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS


SECTION 1      The Board shall consist of five (5) officers:  President,

                          Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and

                          Corresponding Secretary.  In addition, there will be

                          seven (7) members of the Board-at-large.  Further, all

                          past presidents will be considered as current members

                          of the Board of Directors and will not be required to

                          stand for election.


SECTION 2                          Terms of Office

 a.                    The President may serve only one (1) consecutive

                        term of two (2) years in office.


b.                   The term of office of the Vice President, Treasurer,

                      Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary is



                                                                - 4 -


                    two (2) years, but they may serve two (2) consecutive

                    terms (4 years) in the same office.


c.                The members-at-large shall serve terms of two (2)

                   years and not limited as to consecutive terms.


SECTION 3                          Meetings of the Boards of Directors


a.               The Board of Directors shall meet monthly except for

                  the months of July and August, on a date set by the



b.             A quorum of seven (7) members will be necessary to

                conduct business and a simple majority of those

                present to carry a motion unless otherwise stated in

                the Bylaws.


c.              A member of the Board who cannot attend a Board

                meeting or an open membership meeting must inform

                the President at the member’s earliest convenience.


SECTION 4                          Vacancies


a.           Any member of the Board who feels he can no longer

              actively participate as a member of the Board may

              resign his position by notifying the President.  The

             President shall then declare that the position is

             vacant and have it filled in accordance with this



b.         When there is a vacancy of an officer, the President

            shall form an Election Committee who will notify the

            membership that a special election will be held to

             complete the term of office.


c.       When a position of a member of the Board-at-large

          becomes vacant, the President shall appoint a new

          member.  The appointment must be approved by two-

          thirds of the Board of Directors present.


d.     The Board of Directors may with a majority vote of

         all members of the Board, notify a Board member that

         his position may be declared vacant for cause and

        request his response prior to the next Board meeting.

        After evaluation of the response and the other facts

        of the case, the Board of Directors may declare the

        position vacant by a two-thirds vote of all members

        of the Boards.  The vacancy will be filled in

        accordance with the Bylaws.




                                                                - 5 -




SECTION 1                          President


a.     The President shall be the chief executive officer

         of the organization.  He shall call and preside over

         all meetings and enforce the Bylaws.  He will decide

        all questions of order and announce the results of

        all motions and votes.  He shall be ex-officio

        member of all committees and shall appoint the

        committee chairmen.  He has the authority to appoint

        temporary members-at-large to the Board of Directors

        in accordance with the Bylaws.  The President will

        sign all official outgoing correspondence, except

        that delegated to the Corresponding Secretary, and

         will sign all documents, checks, and money orders

         jointly with either the Vice President or Treasurer.


SECTION 2                                   Vice President


a.    The Vice President shall aid and assist the President

        in the performance of his duties.  When the President

        is unable to act as chief executive officer, the Vice

        President shall act in his place with full powers of the

        office.  He shall also act as President until completion

        of a special election, in the event the President can no

        longer continue in office.  The Vice President shall

        also sign checks and money orders with either the

        President or the Treasurer.


SECTION 3                                       Treasurer


a.    The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of

        the organization and shall keep accurate records of

        all payables and receivables.  He shall be responsible

        for maintaining a properly reconciled bank statement

        and a petty cash fund.  The Treasurer shall be

        responsible for the payment of all bills which have

        been approved by the Board of Directors or the

        Executive Committee.  He will sign all checks and

        money orders with either the President or Vice

        President.  The Treasurer will be the Chairman of the

        Finance Committee and will be responsible for the

        submission of an annual written financial report to the

        Board of Directors.  Additionally, the Treasurer will

        report to the Board of Directors and the membership

        the organization’s current financial condition at each

        open meeting.  The Treasurer will be responsible for

        the notice and collection of dues.




                                                                  - 6 -


SECTION 4                                  Recording Secretary


a.      The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for the

         accurate records of the proceedings of the organization,

          to include the taking and preparation of the minutes of

          the meeting.  The Recording Secretary shall present the

          minutes of the prior meeting to the membership for their

          approval.  He shall be the Membership Chairman and

          shall keep an up-to-date list of the members of the

          organization.  The Recording Secretary shall be

          responsible for proper preparation of amendments of the



SECTION 5                          Corresponding Secretary


a.     The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for

        the preparation of all correspondence within the

        organization, to include the meeting notices.  He shall

        be responsible for the reading and delivery of

        correspondence within the organization.  He shall

        assist the Treasurer and all committees with their

        correspondence to the membership.  The Corresponding

        Secretary shall assist and prepare, for the President’s

        signature, all outgoing correspondence of the

        organization.  He may maintain a post office box and

        secure necessary stationery and postage to carry out his





SECTION 1          The Executive Committee will consist of the President,

                                Vice President and Treasurer.


SECTION 2          The Executive Committee shall have the power of the

                                Board of Directors to act between meetings; this shall

                                include the expenditure of organizational funds.   The

                                Executive Committee must report to the Board of

                                Directors any action taken without Board approval.


SECTION 3          The Executive Committee shall be the only members who

                                may sign checks and money orders or make cash payments

                                for the organization.  The signature of two (2) members

                                of the Executive Committee is required on a check or

                                money order.









                                                                  - 7 -


ARTICLE VII                                   ELECTIONS


SECTION 1             Elections will be held for all members and officers of

                                  the Board of Directors at the November open meeting

                                  in odd-numbered years.


SECTION 2                                  Election Committee


a.                       The President shall appoint a chairman and two (2)

                         members to the Election Committee.


b.                       The Election Committee shall be responsible for

                          informing the membership of the names of the

                          individuals who wish to stand for election.


c.                        They shall notify the membership of the candidates

                           by letter prior to the November open meeting.


d.                       In order to allow the committee time to complete

                           this task, a member must declare, in writing, his or

                           her intention to stand for election.  He must state

                           which office he is running for at or before the

                           October open meeting.


e.                        A member does not have to be nominated or seconded,

                          only declare himself to the Election Committee.  No

                          election slates will be formed.


f.                       A member cannot run for more than one office at any

                         one time.


g.                     The Election Committee will also prepare the regular

                        and absentee ballots which will be used.


h.                   The Election Committee shall only supply absentee

                       ballots when requested in writing by a member.


i.                    Absentee ballots will be returned to the Election

                      Committee prior to the counting of votes at the

                      November open meeting.


SECTION 3                                          The Election


a.                    The election shall be by secret ballot and the votes

                       will be cast on ballots supplied by the Election



b.                   Members will vote for one (1) President, Vice

                       President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and

                       Corresponding Secretary.  They will vote for seven

                        (7)    members-at-large for the Board of Directors.


                                                                                - 8 -


c.                  Only members present will be able to vote except for

                     those who have received and returned an absentee


 d.               The absentee ballots shall be counted first and the

                    committee chairman will verify that the number of

                    votes cast does exceed the personal requests for



e.               The Election Committee will now count the secret

                  ballots of the members present and announce the



f.              The member receiving the most votes in each office

                will be elected and take office January 1 of the new



g.            The seven (7) members receiving the most votes as

               members-at-large will be elected and take office

               January 1 of the new year.


h.               The Election Committee will notify all members by

                  mail as to the results of the election.




SECTION 1          The organization will attempt to hold a general

                              membership meetings, or activity, each month except

                             July and August.  This, however, is a goal and the

                             Board of Directors can vote not to hold a general

                             membership meeting.


SECTION 2          Fifteen (15) members in good standing shall

                               constitute a quorum for the transaction of business

                               at an open meeting.


ARTICLE IX                               Committees


                There will be two (2) standing committees - the Finance

                Committee and the Membership Committee.


SECTION 2                             Finance Committee


a.              The chairman of the Finance Committee will be the

                 Treasurer.  The President will appoint three (3)

                 additional members of the Board to sit on the




                                                       - 9 -



b.            The responsibility of the Finance Committee is to

                oversee the financial transactions of the organization.

               They will prepare an annual written financial report

               and present it to the Board of Directors, each member

               of the committee signing to certifying its authenticity.


c.          The Financial Committee will also assist the Treasurer

             during the collection and accounting of special fund-

             raising efforts.


SECTION 3                          The Membership Committee


a.               The chairman of the Membership Committee will be the

                  Recording Secretary.


b.             The chairman will select additional members for the

                committee who he believes will advance the organization’s

                recruitment goals.


c.             The chairman will make timely reports to the Board of

                Directors with regard to membership levels.


SECTION 4                                  Other Committees


a.             The Board of Directors will determine the needs for

                other committees.


b.          The president shall appoint the chairman of all

             committees, but other members shall be appointed by

              the chairman.


ARTICLE X                                    Dues and Revenue


SECTION 1           Annual dues for members will be Twenty Dollars ($20)

                                and Fifteen Dollars ($15) for associate members.  They

                                will be paid to the “ American Academy for Professional

                                Law Enforcement” and forwarded to the treasurer prior

                                to April 1 of each year.


SECTION 2            Dues paid by a new member will be prorated quarterly and

                                the treasurer will not certify them to the national until the

                                first full year of dues are received.


SECTION 3          All additional revenue received by this organization must

                                be reported and accounted for the treasurer.






                                                                  - 10 -





SECTION 1                          Bylaws Amendments


a.             A request for an amendment to the bylaws must be

               submitted to the Board of Directors.

 b.         The Board of Directors must approved the amendment

             by a majority vote and present it to the general membership

             which must also approve by a majority present.


SECTION 2         Should any dispute arise to the true meaning and intent of

                             any paragraph of the bylaws, the question shall be referred

                             to the Board of Directors and their decision shall be

                             judgement thereon.


SECTION  3         Robert’s Rule of Parliamentary Practice shall be the

                                authority on all questions of Parliamentary law and

                                Procedure when it does not conflict with any

                                established law or rule of this organization or these





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